Whomp Nation Begins


My upcoming adventure is going to be a big one!! I am leaving from The East Coast of Canada in April, 2013 (we stopped saying April 1st as people think it is a joke than, but we really are thinking of leaving on the 1st….).  I am going to travel by bike powered rickshaw across Canada with another photographer, Caley Fox.  The unfortunate part is that it is us that are powering the bikes!!


We know we have a big task at hand, so we began by making some t-shirts….

As well as…..

A LOT of other stuff, like taking a solid week to create a business plan, start to contact companies, and a whole lot of other stuff.  So here we go, beginning our adventure of Whomping Canada! (Whomp is to learn about other cultures while I having a grand time doing it!)


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