Random Videos

I set off on an epic adventure – to get two tandem bikes across Canada, a full 7600 kms (4720 Mi). They set off with little training, with 2 very old hand me down heavy tandems, but with an attitude to take things as they came. The result was the stepping in of many strangers to house us, feed us, fix tour bikes, and encourage them to keep going. Without the help of these strangers getting to the finish line would have been an entirely different story.

We stayed along the Trans-Canada highway for the most of the adventure, coming off only when they could avoid some heavy traffic. Every province welcomed them in and helped them when needed. Rainy day? A stranger offered the place to stay. Broken bike? A stranger pulls up with a wrench. Only peanut butter? A grandma stranger sends them away with homemade jam!



This is a video taken in Calgary of the skyline during stampede.  I was lucky enough that there was nearly a perfect full moon to set the scene just right as I waited for the fireworks to start going.



When I went to Missoula, Montana for the photography program I had no idea how inspired I would be through my immersion in photography and those creative individuals around me.  A theme came around which was about people finding their passion in life.  This was a video I created for an assignment for the course.