Steve and Kathleen

Kathleen and Steve’s day was filled with laughter, love, good friends and family.  Not even before we got to the front steps could we already hear the sound of laughter that continued to echo throughout the rest of the day.  Steve and Kathleen seem to be that kind of couple – when people are around them there […]

Carmen and Addi

I was lucky enough to meet Carmen’s family a number of months ago when I took photographs of her beautiful niece – Penelope.  When we arrived to the girls getting ready Penelope was there to join in on the occasion, how she has grown!  Carmen was getting her final touches done from Katie Kerr.  The girls […]



About Me

Telling stories, that is what I do.  I tell stories about things that I believe matter – from everyday life, to the connection between families, to the problems in society. Mainly, I am telling stories of people, because I believe people matter.  I am currently doing a free photo shoot a month for families with […]

Whomp Nation Begins

  My upcoming adventure is going to be a big one!! I am leaving from The East Coast of Canada in April, 2013 (we stopped saying April 1st as people think it is a joke than, but we really are thinking of leaving on the 1st….).  I am going to travel by bike powered rickshaw […]