Telling stories, that is what I do.  I tell stories about things that I believe matter – from everyday life, to the connection between families, to the problems in society. Mainly, I am telling stories of people, because I believe people matter.  I am currently doing a free photo shoot a month for families with a sick family member to capture all of them together.  Please contact me if you have a family in mind that would like this.  That would be my serious side, the side that drives me.

But, I have a goofy one too, to keep having fun along the way and show the light side of things in photos. This side of me headed out in April, 2013 with another photographer to bike 2 tandem bikes across Canada and have a lot of fun as we went!  The trip ended in my realization that Canada has a lot of very nice people in it, especially Grandma’s who took us in and sent us away with many jars of jam! It is a good thing Canada is not too big of a country, right?…..

This will continued need for adventure has taken me to live in 5 different countries around the world, all the way from Espoo, Finland, to Moshi, Tanzania.  I am hoping to make this list grow and grow and grow and get to know so many more cultures in my life time!


My Contact Information

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